The Writing Community

A vibrant Writing Community exists across social media these days with thousands of authors and new writers looking to make connections, engage with fans, and build their platform or online presence. When I started my Twitter account to accomplish the same thing, I found a welcoming community willing to help new writers like myself get a head start.

This page contains helpful #WritingCommunity resources on social media and across the web. I hope you find something useful here. If you have any suggestions to add, please send them to me.

New to the #WritingCommunity?

Here is a post by Carol Beth Anderson where she asked the community to send their best tips for engagement on Twitter. Many of these tips can be adopted for any platform.

So, You’re New to the #WritingCommunity on Twitter


Fantastic Article from Emma Lombard:

Twitter Tips for Newbies: Authors and Writers by Emma Lombard


If you’re looking to hire an editor for your work, give this article a read:

The Comprehensive Guide to Finding, Hiring, and Working with an Editor

Twitter Lists:

Over the last several months, I’ve compiled a number of lists using Twitter, which you might find helpful. You can also find these lists, among others, under my Twitter account.


Literary Agents

Marketing for Authors

Writing Prompts on Twitter

Beta Readers, Readers and Reviewers

Writer Services and Organizations

General List of Authors and Writers

Second General List of Authors and Writers

Literary Agents and Agencies:

List of Literary Agents for 2019-2020: multiple lists of Literary Agents

Top Literary Agencies with the Biggest Book Deals: Regularly updated, this page lists the top 100 agencies in the U.S. with the biggest book deals and what genres they are looking for.

Manuscript Wishlist (#MSWL): a website run by literary agents with profiles, information and most importantly, what these agents are looking for in a manuscript.