Hey there, thanks for your interest in my story. I’m a fantasy writer working towards the publication of my debut novel called Descendant. Descendant is the first in a planned series, but I have other ideas for books about the world of Ollon, expanding upon its history, religions, and exploits of famous characters. My goal is to craft a universe that readers will enjoy for a very long time.

My story

I started coming up with my own stories around the age of eight, writing them down from time to time in the form of single-page comics in notebooks or short stories on loose-leaf about the action-figure battles carried out on my bedroom floor. At that age I was reading the Hardy Boys books, a select few comics and those ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books, which I loved. Once I received a Dungeons & Dragons set of ‘CYOA’ books as a gift with four different adventures. It was my first foray in the realm of fantasy!

Introduced to the role-playing side of D&D at the age of ten, I started playing with my brother, bringing in friends whenever we could. I enjoyed running the game, coming up with intriguing stories, and building the campaigns. The idea of creating an entire world of my own fascinated me. I started reading fantasy novels around this time and fell in love with R.A. Salvatore’s Drizzt Do’Urden series of novels.

In high school we had the option of taking electives and I chose Mythology two semesters in a row. These classes provided an in-depth look into the tales of gods and goddesses of old, and although I was familiar with both Greek and Roman mythology, the Norse tales soon became my favorite with Celtic mythology coming in a close second. After a group project where we had to build our own creation mythology, the teacher pulled me aside and encouraged me to pursue writing. I didn’t listen to her advice though, instead focusing on a career in computers.

Around 1999 I began developing the original version of the world of Ollon, called “Aquilar” at the time. The idea of Descendant came to me soon after I finished writing the world’s history and background. I began writing the first draft years later under a different title. Once the first draft was complete I looked into publishing, eventually giving up on the idea for various reasons. Over the years I would often go back to the project, changing things around and re-writing, but I was never truly happy with it.

About four years ago I envisioned a grittier, darker version of the world where life is quite unpredictable and good doesn’t always prevail. I rewrote the entire mythology behind the world including its creation, replacing every deity and supernatural being. I started rewriting Descendant soon afterwards, completing a first draft in 2019.

By day I run the Information Technology department for a law firm outside of Philadelphia and have been working in the IT field for over twenty years. By night, I craft tales of mighty beasts, jealous gods, and bad ass heroes.

I’m married to an amazing wife with four amazing children and two beautiful grandchildren too! We have a furry, playful daughter named Devilynn, a Red Nose Pitbull, who rounds out the immediate crew.

I’m active in the Writing Community on Twitter & Instagram and easy to get in touch with @galdrafodr (Old Norse for ‘father of magical songs’, another name for Odin), or @jeffehrmann. You can send me a message directly using the Contact page, which also lists my social media and author profiles for different ways of connecting. Please drop by to say ‘hi’ or send me a message. Thank you!



Two very kind gentlemen I met on Twitter offered to interview me about my writing journey. Of course I was thrilled to be considered and took them both up on it. Thank you both Keyvan and Sean!

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