Hello! I’m a fantasy writer working towards publication of my first novel. I have a few projects in the works: a dark fantasy fairy-tale, a dark epic-fantasy series, as well as a few other ideas. I have a Historical Fantasy short story on submission with literary journals, and a Flash Fiction piece on submission for an anthology. One of my goals is to craft a fantasy universe that readers will enjoy for a very long time.

My story:

I started writing stories around age eight, jotting them down in the form of single-page comics in notebooks or short stories on loose-leaf about the action-figure battles carried out on my bedroom floor. I was reading the Hardy Boys books, a select few comics and those ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books, which I loved. I received a set of Dungeons & Dragons themed ‘CYOA’ books as a gift with four different adventures inside. It was my first foray in the realm of fantasy, and I was hooked.

Introduced to role-playing games at age ten, I enjoyed building intriguing stories, and the idea of creating an entire world of my own fascinated me. I started reading fantasy novels around this time and fell in love with R.A. Salvatore’s Drizzt Do’Urden series and Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings novels.

In high school, two mythology classes provided me with an in-depth look into tales of the gods and goddesses of old. The Norse tales soon became my favorite, with Celtic mythology coming in a close second. After a group project where we built a creation myth along with a pantheon of our own, the teacher pulled me aside and encouraged me to pursue writing. I didn’t listen to her though, instead focusing on a career in computers.

I began developing a fantasy world around these influences, with its own history and a pantheon of deities. The story of Descendant came to me soon after, and I wrote the first draft under a different title. OnceĀ  completed, I looked into publishing, but gave up on the idea for a number of reasons.

About four years ago I envisioned a grittier, darker version of the world where life is quite unpredictable and good doesn’t always triumph. I rewrote the entire mythology behind the world including its creation, replacing every deity and supernatural being. I started re-writing Descendant from scratch soon afterwards, completing a new first draft in 2019.

Although my primary focus is on the series, I have other projects in the works such as short stories, and two other stand-alone novel concepts. I’ve also published articles in the IT field discussing emerging technologies and security initiatives for businesses. I’ve also written for blogs and websites during my career.

By day, I’m an Information Technology Professional, working in the field for over twenty years. By night, I craft tales of mighty beasts, jealous gods, and bad ass heroes.

I’m married to an amazing wife with four awesome children and three beautiful grandchildren too (with a fourth on the way)! We have a furry, playful daughter named Devilynn, a Red Nose Pitbull, who rounds out the immediate crew.

I’m active in the Writing Community on Twitter and Instagram and easy to get in touch with @galdrafodr (Old Norse for ‘father of magical songs’, another name for Odin), or @jeffehrmann. You can send me a message directly using the Contact page, which also lists my social media and author profiles for different ways of connecting. Please drop by to say, ‘hi,’ or send me a message. Thank you!



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