Curious about what I’m writing? Learn about the novels and projects I’m working on below, and read a few of the things I’ve written in response to word prompts, including fantasy poetry.

Current Projects:

Descendant: my debut novel. A dark fantasy set in the fictional world of Ollon resembling the dark ages in Eastern Europe. Currently on its third draft. I’ll be looking for beta readers and critique partners soon.

The Tales of Colim the Wanderer: a series of short stories as told by the famous skald, Colim the Wanderer. A first person look at the fantasy world of Ollon, the setting for my stories. A fun project I work on from time to time that I plan to release on Wattpad.

Shorts and Micro Fiction:

Word Prompts, #VSS365



Whispers of the Morrigan

Forever Enchanted

Poems Page