Descendant, Legacy of the Firstborn

Thank you for your interest in my book! I’m excited to share a few tidbits about my dark fantasy novel, Descendant, Legacy of the Firstborn (title subject to change).

The Story:

Descendant tells the tale of Alimaye, a young woman born with a natural talent for the arcane. Fascinated with magic she becomes the prodigy of a retired sorcerer turned sage at the request of a reluctant father. Under Kelliam’s guidance she far exceeds his expectations, and together they discover clues to her unusual abilities.

When Kelliam receives a letter concerning mysterious deaths far from home, he leaves Orindale under her watch, with the help of the ranger Iriador.

With Iriador by her side the two set out across the Seven Shires searching for clues to a family secret that may hold the key to uncovering the mysterious enemy plaguing her every move.

The Setting:

Our story begins in the town of Orindale, a farming and trading community situated on the southern side of the Grenfell Valley. It is one of seven major settlements within the realm of Grenfell, more commonly known as The Seven Shires, encompassed by a fertile valley of meadows, forests and pristine farmlands. To the north of Orindale lies a dense forest serving as the elfin realm of Augusdale, another ‘shire’ with whom the people of Orindale have close ties.

Grenfell is located on the southeastern side of a continent called Oriador, close to the sea, and out of reach of major political influence. Far to the north, the tall mountain peaks of the Dragon’s Spine separates the icy realmĀ  of the Nordanic from the more ‘civilized’ kingdoms of the south.

The cultures of Oriador represent Nordic, Celtic, and Anglo-Saxon people of Eastern Europe during the Dark Ages. Iron and precious metals are coveted commodities, persuading many to pursue wealth and fame. Vast stretches of the world remain unexplored, ripe for conquest for adventurous types seeking their fortunes, or those dedicated to the whims of jealous gods.

More to come soon!

Below, a fun cover concept:

Frost Giant
A Frost Giant awakens in the frozen north.