I don’t consider myself a poet, but it’s hard not to be inspired reading the work of the amazing poets I’ve met through social media. While writing fantasy provides opportunities to dabble in poetry or rhyme perhaps in the form of a riddle marking an ancient tomb, or the song of a bard praising heroes, it’s not something I’ve had much practice with.

The following poems are the result of an attempt to try something new and different. All three started out as micro fiction for #VSS365 word prompts, but transforming them into poems felt more natural to me. I hope you enjoy them.


Across the rainbow bridge,
The Jötnar march.
Gjallarhorn blares out,
Heimdallr ready to charge.

Yggdrasil uprooted,
While fire burns all.
Surtr emerges from Muspel,
As Bifröst starts to fall.

Ragnarök is upon us,
The Allfather laments.
Fenrir waits,
He’s already caught the scent.

Sep. 10th, 2019


Whispers of the Morrígan

Across bloodstained fields,
A raven does fly.
Sweet song beckons me,
Can you hear her cry?

This battle is lost,
Soon Ill be no more.
She’s come to claim me,
Such is the way of war.

Black wings enfold me,
Loving caress so tender.
Whispers of the Morrígan,
Last thing I’ll remember.

Oct. 31st, 2019


Forever Enchanted

There, there my love,
Is that not better?
Free of those chains,
And rusty fetters.

No more tears my love,
No more pain.
Let us leave this place,
And never come again.

We can be together now,
No one will take you away.
Forever enchanted,
Forever my slave.

Feb. 7th, 2020