The Legend of Grey Hollow, a Horror Short

I’m thrilled to announce my story, “The Legend of Grey Hollow”, is available for Pre-order on Amazon Kindle, as part of the Autumn Nights: Nine Stories To Nibble At Your Nape horror anthology. All proceeds support the Trevor Project, the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ young people. I’m proud to support such a wonderful organization!

Autumn Nights: Nine Stories to Nibble At Your Nape
The Legend of Grey Hollow, a horror short by Jeff Ehrmann, is one of the nine stories included in the latest Autumn Nights anthology supporting the Trevor Project.

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Here’s a preview of “The Legend of Grey Hollow”:

“When two vagabonds discover an ancient amulet, a creature of folklore returns to haunt a community harboring a dark secret. Ed and Gillian must discover how to escape the evil of the cursed talisman before it consumes them, and the unsuspecting people of Grey Hollow.”

You can read all of the story blurbs on the Amazon page.

I can’t wait to see what people think of the anthology, and, of course, my story. If you read it, I’d be happy to hear your thoughts.

On behalf of Cass, and the other authors, we’d be honored if you supported our cause by picking up a copy of Autumn Nights: Nine Stories To Nibble At Your Nape horror anthology!

Happy reading and writing!